Why a school is needed.  

Throughout the years, the market for 4×4 or 4-wheel-drive vehicles in Thailand has been growing so rapidly it is almost unbelievable that previously such vehicles had been popular only among narrow circles of those living in areas inaccessible by road. The main reason accounting for the expansion of market for this type of vehicles to embrace people of almost all walks of life both in Bangkok and other provinces is the changing lifestyles and attitudes of car users. City people in particular need cars that can be used on both workdays and non-workdays, and only this type of vehicle can completely satisfy their divergent needs because it is art and science that requires both theoretical learning and practical training to develop skills.
Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd., producer of 4 WHEELS magazine which is the first magazine in Thailand focusing on 4×4 vehicles, was aware of the detriments resulting from lack of knowledge and understanding of 4×4 driving, e.g. the economic unviability due to 4×4 vehicles being more costly, the unnecessary loss of foreign currency in importing new parts to replace those damaged by misuse, along with destruction of the environment and peaceful way of life in the countryside due to a misconception that 4×4 vehicles are made to “bulldoze”.
For this reason, the company launched Spirit of the 4×4 Driving School, with excellent cooperation from the 4×4 Magazine group of Japan and a government agency responsible for National Park and Wildlife Conservation, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (reorganized since 2002 to be under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), to provide knowledge, training and practice in correct 4×4 driving as well as instilling an awareness of the importance of travelling in an environmentally friendly style to 4×4 owners and other interested persons.
The company is confident that such a project will not only ensure that those who have been trained can drive 4×4 vehicles properly, but also play an important part in reducing national economic loss as well as protecting and preserving the environment and peaceful way of life in remote areas, to always remain so.

Our Goals

  1. To provide knowledge, training and practice in correct 4×4 driving to owners and other interested persons;
  2. To motivate owners of 4×4 vehicles to be concerned over preserving nature and the environment;
  3. To raise the quality and image of the 4×4 community.

Courses of International Standards

Spirit of the 4×4 Driving School receives cooperation from the 4×4 MAGAZINE Group of Japan which has expertise in providing training in Japan for over 20 years. Hiro Sejima, Vice President of the 4×4 MAGAZINE Group, personally trains every instructor of the School and categorizes training courses of international standards into 3 levels as follows:The Basic Level provides knowledge and practical training on how to properly use 4×4 vehicles as well as supplementary knowledge about forest and wildlife given by officials from the Royal Forest Department and various conservation Agencies.

The Advanced Level provides knowledge and practical training on how to properly use 4×4 vehicle accessories such as pulleys and suspension system.

Upon completing their course, trainees will receive a Certificate of Approval from the Founder and Chief Instructor of Spirit of the 4×4 Driving School.

Founder of the School

Kwanchai Paphatphong


Born 5 September 1947. Founder of Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd. – producer of “FORMULA” magazine, “4 WHEELS” magazine, “The World of Cars” magazine and “CarWorld” & “Carnatomy” TV programs. He is currently President of the company. In addition to being a dedicated car buff, he is a relentless worker, committing himself to whatever he has initiated, whether it be the various magazines or TV programs. He had the foresight to see problems that would afflict owners of 4×4 vehicles who did not yet know the correct way to use them nor how to develop their own driving skills. So he embarked upon the project “Spirit of the 4×4 Driving School”.


Hiro Sejima

Honorary Advisor

Prior to entering the realm of 4×4, he worked in an advertising agency while being also a 4×4 driving instructor in Japan. He coached the Thai team taking part in the Paris-Moscow-Peking Marathon Rally for two seasons. Hiro Sejima’s experience in 4×4 driving is so extensive that he is regarded as “Four-wheel-drive Bible” of Japan. Some years ago Hiro Sejima was on the staff of 4×4 Magazine and he used to be Vice President of the 4×4 Magazine group.

Personal bio

  • Columnist of 4×4 Magazine, Off Road Express, and 4×4 Magazine International. Multiple-time Champion of “Australia Safari Rally”.
  • Runner-up in the brutal “Paris–Dakar Rally” in 1990.
  • He coached the Thai national team on 4WD driving technique.

Bamrung Kuha

Lecturer on forestry

Born 5 February 1950 in Kanchanaburi. Completed schooling in Forestry at the Forestry School, Royal Forest Department. Obtained a Master of Science in Forestry from Kasetsart University and Micro MBA from NIDA (National Institute of Development Administration). He has taken over 20 training courses and study tours both locally and abroad. A civil servant at the Royal Forest Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives since 1972. Awarded the Chakrabarti Mala Medal and Knight Commander (Second Class) of the Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand for distinguished service. Currently Forestry Technical Officer Level 7, Management Development Group, Royal Forestry Department and Lecturer on forestry at “Spirit of the 4×4 Driving School”.

  • Awarded a prize for outstanding technical paper by Royal Forestry Department in 1994.
  • Awarded Gold Garuda insignia by the Prime Minister in 1984 for being an outstanding civil servant, Royal Forestry Department.
  • Awarded Royal Gold insignia for winning the Permanent Forest Planting Project in Honour of H.M. the King in 2002. For more than 25 years he has been invited from time to time to give lectures to educational institutions, civil service agencies and the private sector, because of his personal commitment to conserve the country’s forestry resources in the long run as befitting the saying that forests are priceless gemstones – so long as the forests remain, Thailand shall prevail.

Team Members

Project Director

Born 3 September 1954. Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University, with an English major. Currently Director of Corporate Communications Division, Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd. and also Project Director of Spirit of the 4x4 Driving School. As a capable woman with good nature and broad vision, she was especially concerned about unnecessary damage to nature caused by uninformed 4x4 drivers of that time. So, straight from the heart, she has taken over this project since 1999 up until now. Furthermore, she was rated by 4 WHEELS Magazine’s as one of the top 5 able women in the 4x4 vehicle community.

Chief Instructor

Born 18 July 1958. Primary and Secondary education at Assumption College Sriracha and Bachelor of Business Administration from Krirk College. Learnt and practiced 4WD driving with Harry Suzuki (Co-Driver of Bruce Garland, an Australian multi-time champion driver) and spent most of his free time in the community of 4x4 vehicles until he became proficient and resolved to share his knowledge and understanding about correct and safe 4x4 driving without damaging the environment.


  • Testing vehicles from various companies.
  • Participated in testing products of ARB Australia (largest manufacturer and distributor of 4×4 accessories in Australia) in the Outback Experience program in Australia, driving through desert sand tracks and terrains off sealed roads, covering a distance of over 5,000 km using real field techniques.




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